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4 Person Hot Tub

Jacuzzi J-245 4 person hot tub

The Real 4 Person Hot Tub

When is a 6 person hot tub not a 6 person hot tub? When it’s a 4 person hot tub! I know it sounds weird but let me explain. It is not uncommon to read a brochure and look at a hot tub that is 7′ X 7′ (84″ X 84″) only to look at the “seats” or “seating capacity” section and see “6” or “6 adults.”

While a hot tub of that size may in fact have a total of 6 seats in it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can actually fit 6 adults in it. Well, not comfortably anyway. The reality is, a hot tub of that size is a real and true 4 person hot tub. Four people means 8 legs and 8 legs need a lot of space. Plus, if you have a hot tub with a lounge seat, then you are going to find in some cases, even 4 people is a tight fit.

That said, think about how you are going to use your hot tub. Is it going to be you and your significant other 95% of the time? Then maybe you have 4+ people in there once or twice a year? Thats great because that how most people use their hot tub. In that case, a 7′ x 7′ hot tub without a lounge seat, like our J-345, would be perfect for the way you use your hot tub. Would you like a hot tub with a lounge though? Then we would probably recommend going a size up to our J-355 model.

Now, for those of you that truly want the ability to seat 6 people in your hot tub on a regular basis, then our recommendation would be to go no smaller than something like our J-385. In fact, the J-495 would really be the best way to accommodate that number of people on a regular basis. All that said, the best way to decide what will work best for you is see the spas in person and maybe even take a test soak. Contact us today for more info.

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