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Shopping for a hot tub can be a challenging task for most.  It is just one of those things most people dont interact with on a day-to-day basis.  There are lots of things to learn about when starting the process.  How much space do you have to work with?  How big of a hot tub do you want?  What features are important to you? And of course the question is about how much a person is budgeted for?  All of these things are important and then some.  Have you decided on having a lounge seat or not?  How about the most important thing of all: Have you brought your bathing suits and towels to take a test soak?

Wet Test At Aqua ParadiseThats what what we are here for!  Lucky for you that we not only carry the most coveted brand of hot tub in the world, Jacuzzi, but we also have some of the most knowledgeable staff anywhere.  We can help you not only find the hot tub of your dreams, but we can help you find a reliable contractor for just about anything you are doing in your backyard.  We have hot tubs starting at $5495 and can also assist with water care, service and repair, accessories, just about anything hot tub related.

Getting back to those bathing suits?  We highly encourage trying one of the spas we have filled and running.  We always have three different models full of hot, clean water for you to try.  This one minor exercise can change you perspective on what are important to you. Come check us out and learn what the Aqua Paradise Experience is all about!

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So bring your bathing suits, towels, and smiles and come see us at one of our Aqua Paradise Showrooms.

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