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The Importance Of Hot Tub Insulation

When it comes to buying a new hot tub, one important deciding factor should always be considered; Hot tub insulation is offered in different forms by different manufacturers. Unfortunately, not all spa manufacturers see eye-to-eye on hot tub insulation. While some of the higher quality brands like Jacuzzi offer high-density and fully foamed hot tub […]

Get to know Jacuzzi’s ProLink Hot Tub Smartphone App

Introducing  the ProLink App by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs. If you are the type of person that has an on the go type of lifestyle then this may be the hot tub solution for you. This upgrade is optional on the 2016 J-300 and J-400 Collection Hot Tubs and is a standard feature on all top […]

Introducing The All New Jacuzzi J-215 Hot Tub

With the introduction of the J-225 hot tub model for 2017, Jacuzzi also added one more new model to the mix.  The J-215 hot tub completes the 2-3 person model line up for the brand. With the same overall dimensions as the J-415 model, and the same electrical requirements as the J-315 hot tub, the […]

Introducing The Jacuzzi J-225 Hot Tub

With 2016 rapidly coming to a close, Jacuzzi is unveiling a few 2017 models early.  Among them, is the all new J-225 hot tub.  This is a smaller model fulfilling a slot in the J-200 Collection not seen for quite some time.  This model measures 76” wide and is 84” long making it capable of […]

4 Person Hot Tub

The Real 4 Person Hot Tub When is a 6 person hot tub not a 6 person hot tub? When it’s a 4 person hot tub! I know it sounds weird but let me explain. It is not uncommon to read a brochure and look at a hot tub that is 7′ X 7′ (84″ […]

In-Ground Hot Tub vs. Portable Spa

In-Ground Hot Tub vs Portable Spa The first thing most people think of when they think of a hot tub is the in-ground spa they used on vacation at the hotel. When they start the process of adding a hot tub to their backyard, most people first consider an in-ground unit. Aesthetically, it’s pleasing to […]

Hot Tub Electrical

Hot Tub Electrical Since this topic is absolutely unavoidable when shopping for a hot tub, we thought it would be a good idea to take a deep dive and explain. When it comes to hot tub electrical, there are two types used and what we we call a couple sub-categories. First, you are going to […]

What does SpaGuard TRIO do?

SpaGuard TRIO A couple times a week we get someone asking what SpaGuard TRIO does for their hot tub. So we thought we would take a few minutes to explain the benefits of what TRIO does and how it not only makes water care easier, but it also prolongs the life of your hot tub […]

Hot Tub Shopping

Choosing the perfect hot tub for you and your family can be a confusing and time-consuming task, especially with so many models and brand options to choose from all across the US. The entire process of hot tub shopping can be fun and sometimes overwhelming too. At our store, our main mission is to provide […]