Caring For Your Hot Tub With SpaGuard Bromine

For many, bromine is the preferred way to maintain a hot tub. The trick to bromine is not to over use. Its easy to fill a bromine floater to the top and forget about it. A little goes a long way in this case!

Upon fill up:

    1. Insert optional Frog Mineral Cartridge into filter or onto filter basket
    1. Add 2 oz. of Spa Shock directly into water
    1. Add 2 oz. of Stain & Scale Control directly into water
    1. Test and adjust Calcium as necessary
    1. Wait at least 12 hours and check Ph with Test Strip
    1. Adjust Ph as necessary with pH Increaser or pH Decreaser
    1. Place 1-3 1” Bromine Tablets in skimmer next to filter(s) or in floater

Weekly Maintenance:

    1. Check Ph with Test Strip and adjust as necessary
    1. Add 2 oz. of Stain & Scale Control directly to water
    1. Add 2 oz. (per 250 gallons) of Spa Shock directly to water
    1. Check Bromine Tablets

Weekly or as needed:

    1. Add 2 oz. of Water Clarifier or even better Enhanced Spa Shock if water is cloudy
    1. Add 2 oz. of Enzyme if spa develops a scum line around water
    1. Add 2 oz. of Foam Down and/or Spa Shock if water is excessively foamy


    1. Apply Cover Care & Conditioner or 303 Protectant to cover to protect from UV rays
    1. Remove filters from the spa.  Use Filter Cleaning Solution as per instructions on bottle.  Rinse filters thoroughly and reinstall into spa.

Every 3-4 Months:

    1. Drain spa and wipe down shell with a cotton towel.  Once dry, apply a thin layer of Fast Gloss to the shell, allow 15 minutes to dry, and wipe off with a clean cotton towel.
    1. Refill spa and refer to the Upon fill up portion above
For spas 250 gallons or less, adjust all 2 oz. measurements to 1 oz.
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