In-Ground Hot Tub vs. Portable Spa

In-Ground Hot Tub vs Portable Hot Tub

In-Ground Hot Tub vs Portable Spa

The first thing most people think of when they think of a hot tub is the in-ground spa they used on vacation at the hotel. When they start the process of adding a hot tub to their backyard, most people first consider an in-ground unit. Aesthetically, it’s pleasing to the eye and can blend seamlessly into your yard. However, once people find out just how expensive an in-ground hot tub is (think $20,000-35,000 here in San Diego County), their quest for backyard hydrotherapy ends.

While there are tons of other reasons to consider a portable hot tub, the benefits of an above ground unit over an in-ground go far beyond cost.  Yes, owning and installing a portable hot tub costs far, far less than an in-ground unit. You also have the benefit of a hot tub that is always hot and always ready for you to use it.  No need to crank up the heat and wait hours for the spa get hot. It’s ready when you are. Once you get in, you will also notice the gentle curves and contours of a portable hot tub make it much more comfortable to sit and relax in. This isn’t just another concrete box. Plus, an above ground hot tub, particularly the Jacuzzi Brand, are packed with extraordinary hydrotherapy jets designed to massage, soothe, and relax your muscles. This is a huge departure from the offerings of an in-ground hot tub.

That brings us back to the way an in-ground spa looks vs a portable spa.  Yes, there was a time where portable hot tubs were unsightly. The time has since passed.  When looking. At a brand such as Jacuzzi, you have a vast selection of models wrapped in contemporary cabinetry for a stylish look. For those truly looking for a hot tub that can be part of a backyard centerpiece,  look no further than Jacuzzi’s LX and J500 Collection Hot Tubs. These are the perfect combination hot and ready when you want hydrotherapy and beautiful, contemporary style.

All that said, some people want to know if it possible to put a portable spa in-ground. Absolutely, stay tuned for more information on how to properly install a portable hot tub into an in-ground vault.

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