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For those unfamiliar, a cover lifter is a device that assists you in getting your cover off and back on to your hot tub. Traditionally, these are designed to open the cover from the front side where the control panel is to the back side of the spa. Then, clearance behind the hot tub is required for the cover to be held in the open position and closed without rubbing on a wall, deck, or fence. One other thing to consider is the small arms on the sides of the hot tub for most of these lifting devices.

Cover Lifter

Covermate 1 Cover Lifter

The CM1 cover lifter is our most popular model on J-300 Collection hot tubs. Easy use, durable construction, and only 18″ of clearance make this an excellent choice. Installation is simple with just two mounting brackets, two arms, and a few quick screws.

Covermate 3 Cover Lifter

Covermate 3 Cover Lifter

The CM3 is the perfect model for those with clearance issues. On J-300, LX, and J-200 Collection units this cover lifter requires only 10″ of back clearance. There is also a special CM3 made specifically for the J-400 Collection Hot Tubs that fits the rear radius perfectly. Those require 24″ on the J-400 models.

Cover Caddy Cover Lifter

Cover Caddy Cover Lifter

The Cover Caddy is the lifter of choice for those looking to preserve their view and want a model that sits the cover as close to the ground behind the ground as possible.  Works beautifully on J-200, J-300, and LX Collection hot tubs. Requires 48″ of clearance behind the hot tub.

Cover Rockit Cover Lifter

Cover Rock-It Cover Lifter

The Cover Rock-It is the perfect lifter for those not wanting to screw anything into their hot tub.  This is great for most hot tubs on the market however it only works on Jacuzzi’s J-200 Collection models.