Jacuzzi FX2-S Jet

FX2-S Jet

It would be a major undertaking to find a hot tub jet that can give you the results an FX2-S Jet gives you.  The goal of this jet is to provide you with a high performance, pulsating type massage without the use of ball bearings.  The interior nozzle of the FX2-S rotates on a titanium pin.  In this case, titanium was used due to it’s anti corrosive properties.  The benefit here is a jet that is durable AND performs to Jacuzzi’s high standards.  This is typically one of the most popular jets in our J-300 Collection Hot Tubs.

J315 FX2-S Seat

J315 FX2-S Seat

Just like our RX jet, the FX2-S jet provides amazing deep tissue massage but it also covers an incredibly large surface area and muscle group.  The reason this is so important is because most hot tubs are going to require 5-6 small, directional style jets to cover the same area an FX2-S jet will cover.  This is a big deal because if you need to power 5-6 jets that requires a lot of water pressure.  If you need to only power one jet with the same amount of water pressure, you get a better performing jet and a deeper, more effective massage.

Even better, you can find the FX2-S jet in all J-300, LX, and J-400 Collection Hot Tubs!  This means you can find this premium offering in something small for 2 people like our J-315 or in something large enough for the whole family like our J-480.  Come check out the entire PowerPro jetting system today!