MX Jacuzzi Jet

Jacuzzi PowerPro MX Jet

The Jacuzzi Jet That Started It All

Most people dont know the whole story to how the hot tub industry started.  They usually dont know why the Jacuzzi name has become so famous.  Without telling you the whole story, we will fast forward just a little bit and show you the jet that started it all.  The Jacuzzi MX Jet, originally created over 50 years ago, is still in production today and is still putting smiles on faces all over the world.

MX Jacuzzi Jet SeatThe MX Jacuzzi jet is featured in most of our J-300, LX, and J-400 Collection Hot Tubs.  This jet is typically used for one of two purposes.  First is for your feet.  The J-335, J-355, J-375, both LX Collection Hot Tubs, plus the J-465 all feature the MX Jacuzzi jets placed to soothe the aching feet.  The second purposes the MX jet is used for is the lower back.  This is where the MX really shines.  The ultra wide jet nozzle allows for maximum water flow. Plus the 360 degree, 50/50 air injection provides you with a high volume, low pressure massage that is absolutely second to none.  This patented design will not only work all the knots out of your lower back, but it will also do so without causing tissue irritation most high volume jets can cause.  Unsurpassed massage and performance all wrapped into one timeless design.