Get That Personal Touch When Hot Tub Shopping

Personal hot tub shopping

Hot tub shopping can be one of the most unique shopping experiences you will ever experience.  Some people get to enjoy hot tub shopping while others are left a little underwhelmed.  That’s why when you visit our store, we want to make sure you get a positive experience.  This means a low pressure sale environment, relaxed, friendly staff, and clean current model hot tubs to view.

Through this process you should also have the ability to not only get every one of your questions answered, but you should also have the ability to wet test any spa in the store.  If you see something else in our store you want to try, give us a days notice and we will wire and fill that specific tub for you.  This is something most retailers do not offer while some do not offer wet tests at all. This is likely the most important part of the hot tub shopping process. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive and you shouldn’t buy a hot tub without a test soak because not all hot tub feel the same.

What if you are concerned about how your delivery is going to go?  No problem.  We are happy to visit your backyard before you make a purchasing decision to assure a smooth delivery. Plus, It is very common for people to also need help finding a reputable contractor be it an electrician, landscaper, etc.

The final piece of the hot tub shopping process is service after you receive your new spa. You want to make sure your hot tub dealer is local to San Diego.  This makes travel times shorter and service calls easier for both parties.  Also make sure the dealer in question does indeed have in-house service available as we do.  We strive to do our best to give you the personal hot tub shopping experience you are looking for.  Come visit our store today