TRIO 3 Month Kit From BioGuard’s Spaguard Line of Hot Tub Products

SpaGuard 3 month TRIO kit makes spa care easy! This kit is designed to treat a  350-450 gallon hot tub and is to be used with the sanitizer of your choice. The beauty of the TRIO kit is less pH balancing, cleaner water, no more measuring, and longer hot tub component life.

This kit has the essential items to keep your hot tub sparkling clean. Not only does it help prevent pH flucuations but it also replaces the need for Stain & Scale control and prolongs the life of your hot tub by keeping your spa components free of contaminents.

Kit includes:

    • Step #1- Startup water conditioner. This packet serves the purpose of preventing calcium and minerals from accumulating on your spas equipment + adds a propreitary blends of ingrediants to keep your pH balanced and keep your water feeling soft. This also enhances the effectiveness of your sanitizer. Make sure that before you add the step #1 packet that you balance your pH accordingly.  This means your pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6.
    • Step #2- Weekly shock packet adds MPS plus a small does of the water conditioner from step #1. This helps remove organics like oil, skin, dead bacteria, and gives your hot tub a fresh clean smell.
    • Step #3- This packet is added to your hot tub prior to draining.  Simply remove your filters, add this packet, run your hot tub pumps on high for 20 minutes, and drain. This purges your plumbing and jets of any build-up and prepares your hot tub for fresh, clean water.

While most people choose to use TRIO with Chlorine, it is also compatible with mineral sanitizers like ProClear or Spa Frog, bromine, ozone, and of course ClearRay UV-C Water Purification!


SpaGuard TRIO

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