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Jacuzzi Hot Tub Electrical

Hot Tub Electrical

Since this topic is absolutely unavoidable when shopping for a hot tub, we thought it would be a good idea to take a deep dive and explain. When it comes to hot tub electrical, there are two types used and what we we call a couple sub-categories.

6560-024 120v hot tub electrical cordFirst, you are going to have 120v electrical. This is is the same kind of power that energizes the plugs you normally use in your home to power things like a toaster, hair dryer, or even a television. It is important to note that even though you may already have this in your backyard, it may not be suitable for a 120v hot tub. The length of your electrical run is going to determine the gauge of wire needed to operate a hot tub at a certain amperage rating (note: while Jacuzzi’s 120v Hot Tubs operate on a 15a circuit, some brands require a 20a service). So, in this case, it is recommended that an electrician verify your outdoor plug is capable of handling those electrical loads. You also want to install a weatherproof, outdoor electrical cover for your outlet which can be found at most hardware stores.

The second type of hot tub electrical, and the most common, used for out door hot tubs is 240v. There are generally three different variations of this used:

  • 3-wire 240v used on Jacuzzi’s dedicated 240v hot tubs (1 ground wire, 2 hot wires)
  • 4-wire 240v used on Jacuzzi’s convertible models (J-315, J-325, J-210) and many other brands (1 ground, 1 neutral, 2 hot wires)
  • 6-wire 240v used on a couple other industry brands (2 separate circuits requiring 4 hot wires, 1 ground, 1 neutral)

With all electrical, especially something like 240 volts that is being used in conjunction with water, it is very important to use a licensed, insured electrician for installation. We can’t stress this enough. If the electrician is even slightly unfamiliar with what needs to be done, please, please, please have them contact us. We are happy to help. We also have a very handy pre-delivery guide with wiring schematics as well as actual pictures of what the electrical should look like when complete.  For more details on what needs to be done for your hot tub electrical installation, please click here.