What does SpaGuard TRIO do?

SpaGuard TRIO

SpaGuard TRIO

A couple times a week we get someone asking what SpaGuard TRIO does for their hot tub. So we thought we would take a few minutes to explain the benefits of what TRIO does and how it not only makes water care easier, but it also prolongs the life of your hot tub components.

When you first open you TRIO box, you will notice it contains three distinct compartments of product. In the first is the TRIO startup packet. This packet first contains a proprietary blend of water softening agents. This will give your water that “soft” feeling without stripping your water of vital calcium which is required to keep your water balanced. This packet also does a couple other things. It prevents said calcium as well as minerals from accumulating on your hot tubs equipment making the most important parts of your hot tub last longer. It also helps to prevent biofilms, the protective layer around bacteria, from forming in your hot tub. This means less demand on the sanitizer you use with TRIO keeping your hot tub cleaner. The last thing this packet does is prevent your pH from drifting meaning less time spent adjusting your water chemistry. Oh yeah, its smells good too!

The next compartment contains 12 smaller packets. These are to be use once a week, no measuring required. These all contain a small amount of the same blend from packet number one, as well as an oxidizer to break down contaminants like sweat, skin, and body oil. This means your water is cleaner, clearer, and more sanitary.

Your last compartment contains the third step of SpaGuard TRIO. This is the purge packet and is there to be used prior to draining your hot tub. Simply add this last packet, run your hot tub for 20 minutes, then drain. This clears all of your plumbing of any organics in the water and insures pristine water on fill up.

For any further assistance on how to use TRIO, feel free to contact us or even order TRIO from our online store here.