The Importance Of Hot Tub Insulation

hot tub insulation cut awayWhen it comes to buying a new hot tub, one important deciding factor should always be considered; Hot tub insulation is offered in different forms by different manufacturers. Unfortunately, not all spa manufacturers see eye-to-eye on hot tub insulation. While some of the higher quality brands like Jacuzzi offer high-density and fully foamed hot tub insulation, other “budget” brands often substitute the latter for an inexpensive alternative which sacrifices the end user experience. Long term cost of ownership is ultimately determined by how efficient your appliances operate, and insulation is a major factor for anything that regulates heat. While it’s true that hot tub insulation is mainly about keeping hot water hot by providing thermal protection, it’s much more than that alone. You see, when the components of a spa turn on, such as the pumps -and in some cases air blowers- they naturally generate movement and vibration which in turn can cause the plumbing of the spa to also vibrate, often substantially. Without adequate hot tub insulation, this vibration can put undue stress on the plumbing and jets, which unfortunately can result in the need for costly repairs which could have otherwise been avoided. When installed correctly, fully foamed hot tub insulation will absorb those vibrations and prevent the stress on the plumbing fittings and jet backs. This will ultimately lead to a longer lifespan of the hot tub and more time spent enjoying your Jacuzzi rather than fixing it! Also, if you’re looking for even more hot tub insulation, Jacuzzi offers an added layer called SmartSeal as an optional upgrade. Not only is this a great choice for those who live in colder climates, but it’s also great as a sound barrier if you’re going to be installing your Jacuzzi somewhere where noise is a concern like just outside of a bedroom or on/in a deck.

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