Error Code Troubleshooting

Q: My control panel is flashing the error code “FL1.” What does that mean?

A: This is absolutely the most common error code for a service call. However, most of the time, there really is nothing wrong with the spa. Turn your breaker off. Remove your filters. First try blowing water through the plumbing lines under the filters to push any air bubbles out of the plumbing lines. If you power the spa back on and the problem goes away then you are good to go. If not, cut the power again and remove the filters. Make sure there is nothing in the spa that could sucked down into the plumbing, this includes kids toys, leaves, scum balls, etc. Turn your breaker back on without the filters in the spa. Did your error code go away? If it did, it is time to either deep soak your filters (about 48 hours should do the trick) and clean them really well, or, if they are older than 18 months, it is a good idea to replace them. Your filters were just clogged restricting flow through them. Remember, the cleanest spas have their filters replaced every 18-24 months. Now, if your error code did not go away, you need to determine if you have a bad flow switch, circulation pump, circuit board, or in rare instances a bad topside control panel.

Q: My control panel reads the error code “OH.” What do I do?

A: First, don’t go in your spa. “OH” means there is an overheat condition. If you cut power to your hot tub and open your cover for a couple hours to allow the spa to cool, this should correct the issue. If you are in an area with extremely warm conditions (i.e. Arizona), then it is sometimes helpful in the summer to place something between the cover and the hot tub to allow your spa water to breathe. It is also helpful sometimes to put your spa in economy mode to prevent overheating in the summer. If you decide to let the spa breathe, please keep watch of children that now have easier access to the inside of you spa. If you power the spa back on and these steps don’t correct the error code, it is time to start troubleshooting the circuit board, sensors, and possibly the heater or topside (though not likely).

Q:My control panel reads the error code “SN1.” What do I do?

A: This is usually a hi-limit sensor. It is the small metal sensor attached to the side of the heater tube.

Q: My control panel read the error code “SN2.” What do I do?

A: This is usually the temperature sensor. It can typically be found in the filter compartment and is a quick fix.

Q: My control panel reads the error code “FL2.” What do I do?

A: This is usually a flow switch that is reading the switch is stuck closed. Check for dirty filters first. That means cut the power, remove filters, blow water through the lines with your garden hose, and power on. If the error code goes away then clean or replace your filters. If not, replace the flow switch.

Q: My control panel reads the error code “—-“. What do I do?

A: This means your spa has deactivated itself and is in watchdog mode. It has disabled itself to prevent further damage. Sometimes, it is just a little power spike and can be fixed by turning the breaker off for 10 seconds and back on. If this doesn’t do it, first check for proper voltage. If you are good there, this is usually a good time to arrange for a service tech to come out. However, if you would like to trouble shoot a little more over the phone then please call us at (858) 675-7727. You can also email us with specific details on what the spa does when you power the unit on and off and before it goes into watchdog mode. Sometimes it will give us little hints as to what is going on.

Q: My control displays the error code “CF”. What do I do?

A: When you see this on your control, rest assured, nothing is wrong. The “CF” code is simply a countdown timer that has reached zero is there to remind you to clean your filter.  To reset your clean filter reminder, simply refer to “CF” reset instructions here.

Q: My control panel displays the error code “616” aka “blb”. What do I do?

A: This is very much like our “CF” where nothing is actually wrong. The “616” error code is displayed when your 365 day ClearRay Bulb timer has reached zero. TO reset your ClearRay timer, please refer to our “616” reset instructions here.


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